Street View Update Brings Google Cardboard Support

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Google’s Street View is probably one of the Google apps which receives the most interesting updates. While all the Google apps receive routine updates which add to their functionality and general level of usefulness, Street View receives updates like being able to virtually tour the Philippines all from the comfort of your home or the ability to check out what life is like under the ocean. Again all from the comfort of your own home. Well, it does look like the app is going to continue receiving interesting updates and even more so now that the app has become an independent app and migrated away from Maps. Speaking of which, Street View is now set to receive a new update in the next couple of days and this one will bring with it a function which will make use of one of a much newer and more modern form of technology, virtual reality.

The new update to Street View brings the app up to version 2.0 and with it, brings support for Google Cardboard. As such, anyone who has a VR headset or Cardboard can enjoy a much more engrossing and immersive trip around the Globe. if you have a virtual reality headset then making use of the new feature is quite easy. After the update you will notice the small cardboard icon in the top right hand corner of the screen. Simply click on this and you will be good to go. That is, as long as the image you are looking at comes with 360-degree support.

As with any of these updates, they can take their time in arriving on any particular device and so you might not see the update for a few days yet. If you’re keen to get going though and test out the new Cardboard support, then you can download the app yourself and sideload it to your device. Simply hit the link below, download the APK and update in the normal fashion. If all that sounds like too much trouble then hold on and soon enough the update will land for your Street View app.

Download Street View 2.0