Sponsored Game Review: Greedy Rabbit


Greedy Rabbit is a classic Android game that revives the classic platformers of old and brings them to your Android smartphone or tablet. Designed with cute and fun graphics, backed up with simple sound effects, Greedy Rabbit is a game that will please the majority of players out there. With an easy control system and quality level design, it poses a challenge, but one that gets more difficult as players progress, giving them the chance to get use to the game. The aim of the game is to get our Rabbit friend to the end of the level, by collecting all the food, in the best time possible. Scores and star ratings are recorded giving players the opportunity to keep doing better and better as they keep playing.

To get started with Greedy Rabbit, players just need to download it from the Play Store. You'll be signed in to Google Play Games as well, which is a nice touch actually.


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Each different set of levels is named after a different type of Rabbit food, so the first set of levels is called Carrot, and the next Cabbage and so on.

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Playing the game is nice and simple, there are a number of controls on either side of the display, with one set for jumping left and the other right. The other buttons either stop Rabbit or change its direction.

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As you can see, there are a number of carrots you need to collect, with the number of how many left displayed in the top-left corner. Once you have all of your carrots or other food items, you can head for the portal which opens at the end of each level.


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At the end of each level, you're given a sort of report on how well you've done, including a star-rating as well as a time for how long it took you.

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As this is a platforming game, it's unsurprising that time is a big part of how the game scores your runs, and you can always take a look at all the completed levels and see which ones you want to go back and improve upon.

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With speed being an increasingly important part of Greedy Rabbit, it's no surprise that further levels will give players the opportunity to complete levels even faster than before. Having said that, there are obstacles (which I won't ruin here) that cause some serious headaches for players.


Greedy Rabbit speed

Greedy Rabbit is a whole lot of fun, and I can see why people really enjoy it, it's a classic arcade platformer, and yes there are resemblances to Super Mario, but how can that be a bad thing? The gameplay is simple, addictive and it can get quite challenging as well. With Google Play Games support and a focus on speed, it's also easy to get competitive with Greedy Rabbit as well. Altogether, this is great fun for all ages and all sorts of skill levels and it doesn't require you to learn any complicated controls or anything like that.


  • Speed (4/5) – Greedy Rabbit runs nice and quickly on all sorts of different hardware.
  • Theme (4/5) – With some cute graphics and fun sound effects, there's a lot to love about Greedy Rabbit and the overall presentation.
  • Features (4/5) – This is classic gaming, with simple controls and easily-understood goals and so on, it's well worth playing if you like arcade classics and such.
  • Overall (4/5) – A fun, simple and addictive game for those that really like arcade classics, Greedy Rabbit is good fun for everyone, but it's certainly one for the retro fans out there.


  • Works well on both Android smartphones as well as tablets thanks to thumb-friendly controls.
  • Lots of cure graphics including fun level design that will appeal to both adults and little ones.
  • Obstacles appear in later stages to mix things up and further make timing a big part of how players complete levels quickly.
  • Simple and addictive gameplay for both casual gamers as well as fans of old school classics.


  • Some more of a storyline would be nice for younger players.
  • Powerups to give Rabbit some extra high would be nice.

Overall, Greedy Rabbit is what it is; a fun and simple game for both casual players and retro fans. The cute and lighthearted animations and graphics make this appealing to both younger players and adults alike, but it could be a little more original. On the whole, this is a platforming game with all of the same sort of gameplay, but there aren't too many of these around these days, so that's no that much to complain about. Especially considering this is completely free to download and play.