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Fillshape is an Android game that offers up logical adventures in the cold Arctic, by asking you to fill in shapes with color by passing over them. With a limited number of moves each level Fillshape is a puzzle game with a charming look and feel that tasks the player's brain to think logically and consider their each and every next move. There are new "Seasons" of levels added all the time and there's even a Quick Mode for those looking to set themselves a strong or simple challenge whenever they want. So then, let's take a closer look at what this charming little game has to offer.

To start your own logical adventures, you'll need to download Fillshape from the Play Store, or from the Apple App Store if you're an iOS user. Once the game's installed, you can launch Fillshape and choose a game mode.


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If you choose to simply Play the game, you'll discover that Fillshape splits its levels into different 'Seasons' each with a variety of different levels that lead on to one another.

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When you first start playing the game, you're given a quick and simple introduction on how to play the game:

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Right away, you'll notice that Fillshape channels the look of Japanese Origami, and it's a charming little game, with a nice soundtrack and gentle sound effects to match. I do wish that there was a more in-depth explanation of exactly how to play the game, as sometimes I came across even some of the earlier levels and got a little stuck.


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You can always ask for hints of course, but in the free version of the game, you need to watch an add in order to get a free hint, which seems like a fair trade off, we suppose.

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Should you complete a level, you're given a star as well as the opportunity to share it with people on social media. It is nice to be able to get through these levels in the required move limit, and it does feel rewarding when you do.

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Each level gets progressively more and more difficult, and while things do start off as just needing to take the right path in order to complete the level, you'll come across difficult tiles that change your overall direction and so on.


Fillshape Direction

The Quick Mode is an interesting inclusion, and what that I particularly enjoyed. This allows players to choose from either Easy, Medium or Hard difficulties as well as control how large the grid size:

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A basic 3 x 3 grid is not much of a challenge, but a Hard 9 x 9 grid however, is incredibly difficult:

2015-10-28 10.51.50

You can keep on playing a Quick Mode game with as many moves as you like, but there is a suggestion on how many moves it takes for you to complete each level.


2015-10-28 10.53.16

See here you are supposed to be able to do it around 173 moves, but I've already used around half of my moves and I still don't think I'll be able to do it in the amount of moves.

After spending quite a bit of time with Fillshape, I have to say that I'm impressed. This is a game for those that enjoy simple puzzles, but also want a challenge to go with that. There's no awkward control system to learn, the soundtrack and sound effects are pleasant and there's a whole lot to love about the presentation as well. Each level gets more and more difficulty, but it's a gradual incline, rather than a big jump. What I found so nice about Fillshape is that the game is a challenge, but I can see casual gamers as well as puzzle veterans really enjoying this after just a few levels. For those looking for a seriously intense challenge, they can go ahead and challenge the Quick Mode and create their own difficult struggles to play around with.


  • Speed (4/5) – Fillshape runs nice and smoothly, and there's nothing that slows players down, allowing them to take it at their own pace.
  • Features (4/5) – With lots of levels on offer, simple yet appealing gameplay and a whole lot else on offer, Fillshape ticks lots of boxes.
  • Theme (4.5/5) – With some charming paper-craft graphics with a great soundtrack and calm sound effects, this is one of the more calming and good-looking puzzle games I've played in a good long while.
  • Overall (4/5) – Fillshape is a great game for both casual players as well as puzzle players looking for something a little different, well worth looking into it's an appealing and fun game for all players and ages.


  • Looks good and runs well on the majority of Android devices.
  • Fun paper-like graphics look good and the sound presentation offers up something a little extra as well.
  • Quick Mode allows players to create their own sort of challenge whenever they want to play.
  • Free version is ad-supported, but they're worked in well and are some of the most subtle ads in a game I have seen.


  • Doesn't quite explain how to play as in-depth as I'd like to see it.
  • Needing to watch an ad for a hint in the free version could get annoying.

All-in-all, Fillshape is an excellent game that will appeal to younger players as well as older puzzle veterans looking for a real challenge. It looks great, has some excellent challenges and with a Quick Mode thrown in there's a lot of replaybaility in Fillshape. With excellent presentation and some of the best-looking graphics I've seen in a puzzle game for a while, this is a great game to try out, no matter how good you are at puzzlers.


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