Sponsored Game Review: BeeAmazed!


BeeAmazed is an Android game designed to educate kids and little ones about Bees – who make one of the tastiest substances around; honey. BeeAmazed lets kids learn, by playing fun games and educational mini-games, Who's Who in the Hive. The idea behind BeeAmazed is to educate children about how honey is made by letting them know which type of Bee does what in the Hive, through proven interactive gaming and engaging cartoon graphics. BeeAmazed is a great way to teach kids about life sciences and it's great fun for both them and parents looking to play along as well, so let's take a closer look, shall we?

As with other games on Android, you need to download BeeAmazed from the Play Store and then when it's launched, players will see a cute introduction into the Hive.


2015-10-26 11.27.53

The game that gets off on its own, introducing players to the game and how it's played:

2015-10-26 11.28.02


Each Bee has a different type of game, so the first game is for the Builder Bee, who needs to follow the path, kids can drag their fingers through the Hive to move the Bee to where it needs to go.

2015-10-26 11.29.44

Each game progresses on from the last game, so the Nurse Bee's game is all about giving food to the new Larvae babies in the Hive. You can see here that some of them are happy and some are still crying, waiting to be fed.


2015-10-26 11.30.53

At the end of each game, there's an animation that easily explains to children the result of each Bee doing its job. For instance, if the Nurse Bee feeds the Larvae properly then one of them might become a Queen Bee.

2015-10-26 11.32.14


To be honest, a lot of the beginner games end up being quite repetitive, which might be boring for us adults, but for younger players this is how they end up picking things up and making sure they remember what they've learned through these interactive games. Over time however, they change up and Kids will be told how Humans interact with the Hives in order to make Honey.

BeeAmazed humans

This then leads on to yet another game where children will need to keep the device steady:


BeeAmazed Bee Games 2

Finally, BeeAmazed offers simple mini-games that kids will be familiar with that test their memory retention.

BeeAmazed Bee Games 1


Overall, it's clear to see that this is a game that's designed to be play by Children. Every decision that the developers have made, including the asking price to avoid including ads that little ones could accidentally click, has been taken to make an educational game. As I said, some of the games end up being quite repetitive, but it's not as though this isn't done by design; kids learn through repetition and all of the games are interactive. Doing something for themselves, which applies to every game in BeeAmazed, means that kids pick things up quicker and learn more at  an accelerated pace.


  • Speed (4/5) – The game runs nice and quickly and everything in BeeAmazed will help children pick things up quickly.
  • Theme (4.5/5) – The overall look and feel here is great, and it's easy to see why kids will find the game entertaining as well as educational in equal measure.
  • Features (4/5) – Some of the maze games do get old fairly quickly, but for young players this won't be an issue we're sure.
  • Overall (4/5) – A solid and entertaining Android game that teaches youngsters about a topic that they don't normally learn all that much about, BeeAmazed is worth trying out.


  • Looks good with colorful and engagement cartoons that children will understand and grasp quickly and easily.
  • Quick and easy games allow children to play at their own pace and have fun no matter what.
  • Interactive games such as these have been proven to help children better retain information and it reduces the risk of frustration with unknown challenges.
  • Works well on both Android smartphones as well as Android tablets.


  • For older players and adults playing along, the games don't offer much in the way of challenges.
  • Price tag might be a little steep considering that the games stay the same when replayed.

BeeAmazed is a great game for younger players as it helps to teach them all about how the Hive operates and it can be good fun as well. How Honey is made and the lifecycle of the Honey Bee is something that isn't often taught to children these days, or at least not in games like this, so it's nice to see such a quality game deliver interactive learning like this.