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Weather 360 is an Android app that aims to be not only one of the most beautiful weather apps for Android, but also one of the most accurate, giving users a good-looking weather app while also offering reliable information. To do that, Weather 360 has weather info from Wunderground, forecast.io and World Weather Online as well as all sorts of settings to make the weather relatable to you. The app itself takes Material Design to a whole 'nother level with lots of different themes built-in to the app, a way to customize everything including how you get the weather and how it looks. There are 1×1, 2×1, 2×2, 4×1, 4×2, 4×3, 4×4 widget options along with different layouts and settings for each size and all together, there seems to be more on offer here than with other apps, and it also seems to look better, but we'll take a closer look below.


First thing's first, those looking for a slick weather app can download Weather 360 from the Play Store, once they launch the app they'll be given an introduction into what the app has to offer.

2015-10-05 12.21.50

Right away I was happy to see my little village found, often other weather apps just show the nearest large town to me, but Weather 360 was right on the money in a flash, and it looks great, too:


2015-10-05 12.22.14

A weather app can look as fancy as it wants to, but unless it actually gets the weather right, then it's pretty useless. That's whyI was happy to see an accurate representation of what was going on outside, and features like the 10-day weather forecast are genuinely helpful.

2015-10-05 12.22.26


There are a myriad of different settings you can play around with as well, such as measurements and other features:

2015-10-05 12.22.38

You can easily turn on or off the weather in the notification area, but I actually enjoy it, so I keep it around.


2015-10-05 12.23.35

In the above shot I've chosen colors that stand out, yet also blend in with the rest of my notification area and it has information for today and the rest of the week that's neat and easy to understand, while also looking sharp.

A big part of what makes Weather 360 so good is that you can download and use many different themes, with 20 being added every month or so, giving those that like to tinker and change things a lot to work with.



These themes apply to every aspect of Weather 360, and can be used inside the app, the notification and of course the widgets. Speaking of which, there's a boatload of different sizes to choose from:

2015-10-05 12.25.59


Choosing a layout is possible for any size of widget, and you can customize a lot about how your chosen widget ends up looking.

2015-10-05 12.26.18

As a simple taste of what you can do with Weather 360 and its widgets, here is a look at a large option:



There's a whole lot more you can do with widgets of course, and there are all kinds of possibilities for you to play around with and spend time experimenting with.


Let's be real here, there are oodles of different weather apps already available in the Play Store, and many of them look good and many of them are very, very accurate. The problem however, is that not all of them do a great job of blending interface design with features, which is what Weather 360 excels at. This is packed full of customization options and all kinds of tweaks and changes you can make, it's whatever you want it to be and yet it still has some of the most accurate weather results out there, too. I love the look of Weather 360, so much so that's it's kicked other apps off of my phone. It out-Materials Google's own offerings and this one of the most uplifting and playful ways an app has ever told a Brit like me that yes, once again, it's raining.


  • Speed (4/5) – Weather 360 is nice and quick and there's little to get in the way of overall performance of your device, either.
  • Theme (5/5) – Without doubt, this is one of the best-looking weather apps on the Play Store, it has fully embraced the new Material Design while also keeping an identity and widget fans have some great-looking stuff to go at here as well.
  • Features (4.5/5) – With a myriad of different widget styles and designs to deal with, Weather 360 has all the right boxes ticked with big, big ticks.
  • Overall (4.5/5) – One of the best weather apps on the Play Store, Weather 360 is well worth checking out and if you're looking for something that looks the part and gets the job done, then this it.


  • Looks great right from the word "go" and continues to surprise with cute and fun animations depending on the weather outside.
  • Loads of different widget sizes as well as different layouts and settings for them as well.
  • Theme store adds more and more fish looks as time goes on, keeping Weather 360 nice and fresh for its users.
  • Accurate weather reporting no matter where you are on the planet with some great 10-day forecasts as well.


  • An Android Wear counterpart would complete this nicely.
  • Widgets have a tendency to forget their settings every now and then.

All-in-all, Weather 360 is a great Android app for weather lovers and Android fans that like to customize how their device looks and feels. This has an excellent Material Design aesthetic to it and it just looks great. It's fun, playful while also offering accurate weather results all over the globe. It's the right balance between looks and features and it's one of the best available today.


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