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Watch Face Market is an Android app for Android Wear users that want to get more out of their smartwatch. It's an app that offers up a number of different designs across different themes, pleasing those looking for classic and modern themes all in the same app. Through one Android Wear watch face, users can choose from a myriad of different designs and themes. With burn-in protection and ambient night modes for each and every watch face, the Watch Face Market from 12 Red Dots is an excellent option to get fresh and expertly-designed watch faces on to your Android Wear watch.

To take advantage of something like this, you'll need an Android Wear watch, such as the Moto 360 or an LG G Watch, this won't work with the Pebble or Samsung smartwatches. You can download Watch Face Market from the Play Store for free, and then when you launch it, you'll be introduced to what the app has to offer.


2015-10-15 16.14.49

To use Watch Face Market, you'll need to log in with either your Facebook or Google+ account:

2015-10-15 16.15.04


Once you've chosen how you want to log in to your account, you can go ahead and start looking at the different watch faces on offer.

2015-10-15 16.18.03

You can view them all like this, as a grid, or you can swipe left and right to see them grouped by their different themes, like this:


2015-10-15 16.37.43

Unfortunately, you only get one watch face for free and some of them are on the pricey side, but there are some of them on sale.

2015-10-15 16.41.29


There's a good variety of different watch faces in Watch Face Market and some of the themes are great for the classic timepiece lovers.

Watch Face Market Genesis

As well as those tuned towards younger audiences, too.


Watch Face Racer

And of course, they all look great on your watch, here's a quick peek at one on my G Watch R:

2015-10-15 18.27.15


Watch Face Market is an excellent solution for the problem of having too many watch faces installed on your phone, because it offers up loads of different watch faces all in one app. You can choose from tens of different watch face designs, and unlike those from Facer or WatchMaker, these are all nice and premium and clearly designed to a very high standard, indeed. I do wish that there were more free options available other than just the one free face, but then again when you take a look at the overall quality of these, it's easy to understand why they're pricey as they are. There's also a good amount of other features included here in Watch Face Market as well, like the ability to set a vibration once every hour and such, which makes this a complete solution for getting more watch faces on your Android Wear device.


  • Speed (4/5) – Everything here runs nice and smoothly, and setting a watch face is done really quickly.
  • Theme (5/5) – They might be pricey, but these are some of the best-looking and most original watch faces available for Android Wear right now, and they'll make a great addition to any Android Wear model.
  • Features (4/5) – With lots of good watch faces available, a simple and easy to use interface and more, Watch Face Market ticks all the right boxes.
  • Overall (4/5) – If design and high-quality looks are your main concerns, then this selection of watch faces won't disappoint you, and will make sure your Android Wear smartwatch looks smart for ages to come.


  • Easy to navigate Android app on the phone, that allows users to get around quickly.
  • More settings available in the app besides just changing the watch face, like a vibration every hour and more.
  • Only one watch face is needed on your watch to get access to all of these great designs, and each one comes with ambient and night modes with burn-in protection.
  • Features functioning compass and other niceties on some of the watch faces.


  • Only one free watch is available in Watch Face Market.
  • Some of the watch faces could be considered expensive when compared to others in the Play Store.

All-in-all, Watch Face Market is well worth taking a look at if you're an Android Wear user looking for something else to spruce up your watch, and it doesn't take much to get a new look for your watch. Simple and easy to use, while also packed full of different watch face designs, this is well worth checking out.


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