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Normally when we need to ask a question we go to Google, or we might even do things the old fashioned way and ask people we know like family or friends. Having said that, it's not as often as it used to be that people will ask others for the answer to something they don't know, at least not in the traditional sense. Everything is done online now, and that's what brings us to AskMob. It's an app that allows you to ask questions to virtually anyone else, so long as they're also using the application. AskMob is also a social app with the potential to be used to meet new people as well, so whether you're just looking for an answer to something or you're looking for some interaction, AskMob may be a solution.

Before you can get started with asking questions, you'll need to head to the Play Store and download AskMob, from there you can set things up and start talking.

AskMob essentially is a social interaction app. It's got more than just a single use, and although the main purpose may be to ask people questions and get answers you can also post about other stuff too like jokes, general views on things, quotes and virtually anything.

The way AskMob works is by allowing you to interact with other local users mostly, as the main home page shows you only people in your area and within an 11-mile radius of your current location. There is also a "people near me" tab which shows you the nearest users to you. These people don't necessarily have to be local.

People can see your posts and upvote or downvote them which gives your posts a popularity rating, but this works for others people's posts as well so you can see what's popular around you. AskMob also has a chat function allowing you to converse with other users no matter where they are in the world. Before you can do this though you'll have needed to start a private chat with another user.

There's a built-in tracking feature that utilizes the map so you can see your friends, family and other users who you talk to that use the app. To locate any other users you can send a map tracking request, and as soon as the other user approves it their location pops up on the map.

You can also create your own profile complete with name, age, and picture. Profile also show details like how far away you are so other users know how close you are in proximity to them. All of your posts (except for chats) can be kept private if you want to post questions anonymously, or you can post as the profile you've set up for asking questions or posting anything else.

As stated, most people generally turn to people they know personally or to Google to ask a question they don't know the answer to, and this is the case for me personally. AskMob also doesn't have any users around me so there was no real way for me to actually use the app to ask anyone anything or chat with other users. If for instance though you happen to be traveling in a new area you are unfamiliar with, and there are quite a few users in that location, AskMob could become quite useful to ask locals questions about places in the area.


  • Speed (4/5) - Using the app was pretty fluid and even though there were no users in my area to get the full use of the app, menu transitions and opening the app was fast.
  • Features ( 3.5/5) - The features included can be quite useful and everything is easy to get to with tabs down at the bottom of the page.
  • Theme (4/5) - There's no flashy animations or colorful material design, but the app looks nice all the same and works just as good regardless.
  • Overall (4/5) - AskMob serves its purpose well and allows you to socially interact with other users to chat or just to get the answer to a simple question.


  • Map Tracking requests feature so friends can find each other
  • Private chat
  • Post anonymously or as your own profile
  • The app is free to use


  • Ability to ask questions and have people outside the 11-mile radius answer those questions would be a benefit

Overall, AskMob is a decent app which could be extremely useful for people using it in larger cities where there are likely to be more people in the app. Could be great for travelers looking to ask questions about the place they're in or to meet new people there. If you're looking for an app that has these qualities, give AskMob a shot as it doesn't cost a penny.

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