Some Nexus 6P Orders Delayed, Google Offering $25 Discount


Two of the hottest devices available right now are the two latest Nexus devices, the Huawei-made Nexus 6P and the LG-made Nexus 5X. However. available is a slightly strong term as the devices have only recently began shipping and especially in terms of the premium Nexus 6P. This one took longer to commence its shipping status and the first indications and reports of the 6P beginning to ship only arrived towards the end of last week. As such, there is still a number of people who will be waiting on their Nexus 6P to be sent out by Google.

Well, if you are one of those who is still waiting on your "Pending" order to change to 'Shipping', then unfortunately, you might end up waiting a little longer than expected. Reports are starting to come through that some of those who are still waiting are tonight receiving an email from Google confirming their order is being delayed.


To try and compensate, it seems that those who are receiving the delay emails from Google are being given a $25 credit towards their purchase. That is, Google will deduct the $25 from the bill once their device does actually begin to ship and credit cards are charged. With no actual official word coming from Google on the matter, there is no news on how many orders are being affected, although the email does explain that the delay is due to the demand for the Nexus 6P. So it is probably worth assuming that a number of orders will be delayed. Presumably, if your order is one of those which is going to see a delay, then chances are you have already received an email stating as much. If not, then you might soon enough. If you don't receive an email and your device remains in pending, then it is seems likely that your device will not be one of those that is affected. Either way, the first sign that your device is on the way, will be when Google charges your credit card or method of payment. So for now, that is the email you should be waiting on.

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