Shove Lets You Open Chrome Tabs On Other People's Browsers


We have been used to sharing links for a while now and while we used methods that we would now consider archaic, mobile products have a ton of options for sharing files or links in case an article or some news are meant to be read, plus they can be shared at any given time. Chrome on mobile lets users share links through virtually any app that supports such functionality, from social networks to messaging services or even copy the link to send it later or store it in a cloud-based service or note-taking apps. Users can also share those links with others that are near them using Bluetooth or DLNA.

So, unless you share those links using the latter options, you can't be sure if your contacts will actually open the link. Now, there's an extension for the desktop version of Chrome which will allow you not only to share webpages with your contacts, but those will be automatically opened on their end, so you can be sure that at least they got a glimpse of what you shared. The extension is called Shove, it was created by a group of developers called anotherlab and it can be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store for free.


To use it, you and your friends must install it and your friends must accept your request. After that, it works in a very simple way, when visiting a website that you want to share, just click on the Shove icon on the upper right of the browser and select the username of the friend you want to share it with. To add friends, you just need to hit the "+" button from the extension where you'll be prompted to input their username and they shall receive the friend request. In case you don't want any shoves getting through a certain period of time, users should log out temporarily. The company is working on bringing a Snooze functionality to make it simpler. Of course, users should consider who they accept to be their Shove friends, as they might get inappropriate or uninteresting content once in a while.

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