Samsung's 'Foldable Device' to Launch in 8 Countries

Back in the day we had flip-phones, then we went to a candy bar style, now we have curved displays and phones, so it seems only logical that the next iteration would be a foldable phone.  This is the perfect format to enjoy a large display when using the device, yet a compact way to carry it around - the best of both worlds.  Samsung and LG are two big names in the electronics world trying to bring us that very device.  We have already seen one in operation in a Samsung video a while back, and now working on 'Project Valley,' it looks like Samsung is ready to introduce it to the world...or part of it anyway.

An exclusive report from SamMobile has given the rumored January launch of Project Valley a model number and provided a list of countries where it might be released.  The phone itself will carry the model number SM-G929F and they point out that the model number of the Galaxy S6 Edge+ is SM-G928, indicating that the small change in model number could suggest its specifications are similar.  The foldable display will naturally be the highlight of this device and based on patent filings we have seen and reported on, it is very possible that in order to fold the display it will form a V-like shape when closed - hence the code name Project Valley.

Their information has they have indicates a release in the countries of BTU - United Kingdom, CPW - Carphone Warehouse in the United Kingdom, DBT - Germany, ITV - Italy, KOR-South Korea, NEE - Nordic countries, XEF - France, XEO - Poland and WEU - United Kingdom/Ireland.  This is a longer than normal list for an experimental device, and though the United States is notably absent, that does not mean other countries may be added to the list.  It would make sense that manufacturing this type of display would have to be in small quantities at first.

Many people have not questioned the viability of such a device, but its salability - who would buy a 'flip-phone' in today's smartphone landscape...touting them as old fashioned.  Yet, many foreign lands where Samsung is currently selling flip-phones, they do quite well.  It is a practical way to protect the display when in a purse or pocket, and with the foldable display you are actual get a true tablet-sized display to look at when one uses the device, yet folded up, it offers the perfect size to comfortably carry around.

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