Samsung to Curb Shipments of Sub-€250 Smartphones in Europe?

Over the past couple of years, smartphones that are sold unlocked, free from the shackles of carriers and networks around the world have not only gotten a lot cheaper, but a lot better. Motorola blew the market wide open with the original Moto G back in 2013, offering a device that up-to-date software, solid performance and a good-looking display without the associated price tag. Since then, the Moto G has evolved into a great smartphone full-stop, and other have tried to emulate and even surpass that original formula with the OnePlus One and others. Samsung is one company however, that doesn't seem to "get" the lower-end of the market, and in certain countries throughout Europe, they might be ready to call it quits.

Budget-minded devices from Samsung seem to either be too expensive, or be underpowered in terms of specs when compared to their competitors. As SamMobile is reporting, it appears as though Samsung could stop shipping devices under the €250 price tag to the Netherlands, and that this could end up spreading to other countries throughout Europe. There's a good reason that they would so something like this, if a device isn't go to sell, then there's little reason spending the money distributing it. Stock that doesn't move costs a company money, after all.

Throughout Europe, Samsung faces stiff competition in the budget market. Not only is the Moto G readily available, but there are excellent options from the likes of Sony and HTC that offer much better value for money, and simply cost less. Still, there's a chance that this could just affect the Netherlands, and if that's the case then would at least confirm that Samsung's budget hardware isn't doing so well in the Netherlands. Outside of Europe however, Samsung is enjoying some good success in India, and will soon start manufacturing their devices in the country, hopefully solidifying their already-existing lead in the Indian market. Even so, with the likes of OnePlus and YU offering up palatable device for less, Samsung has their work cut out for them here, too.

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