Samsung & LG To Release Foldable Display Smartphones In 2016

October 15, 2015 - Written By Kristijan Lucic

As technology advances we’re seeing all sorts of changes in the design of smartphones. Certain smartphone OEMs are trying to innovate, and some of those innovations turn into standards as time passes by. Samsung and LG are great examples actually. Back when Samsung launched the original Galaxy Note device everyone thought it’s too big and that it will never rise to the occasion, and look at the ‘Galaxy Note’ line today. LG’s rear-facing physical buttons are another great example, LG tried it out and it seems like it worked, another great idea that turned into a great product. There are many such examples, but we’re here to focus on displays actually, read on.

The Galaxy S6 Edge device is innovative, nobody can deny that, but both Samsung and LG have patented quite a few interesting new patents lately. Samsung, in specific, has registered for a number of foldable display patents, and rumors say we might expect to see a first device sporting such a display in January. Now, a new report from Business Korea says that both of these Korea-based tech giants are closing in on foldable smartphone releases. Samsung allegedly already has a working prototype, and is putting final touches on its design and functionality.

As far as LG goes, the report claims that the company managed to manufacture their first foldable display. LG still doesn’t have a working prototype of a smartphone, but is looking into it, at least according to the info provided by the source. LG is actually trying to decide what to do with this new display they have, and a logical step is producing some sort of an innovative smartphone. On the other hand, LG might supply those displays to Apple and Google, it’s up to the company. I don’t now if you’re aware of this rumor, but Apple is reportedly planning to develop a foldable iPhone for 2018, and LG’s display might be just the right thing for the company. Either way, we can expect much more foldable display news in the coming months, especially if Samsung really introduces their first foldable smartphone as soon as January, stay tuned.