Samsung Introduce Brand New Version of Smart View App

When it comes to offering more than just the one product, Samsung is a big player. The company sells not only Android smartphones and tablets but digital cameras, HDTVs, washing machines, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners and everything in-between. While Samsung, along with others, are trying to get all of your household appliances talking with each other, having your smartphone and HDTV get along does a make quite a bit of sense for a number of reasons. The Chromecast has made a big wave for this very reason, but of course Samsung has been making smart and connected TVs for a long time now.

To interact with these TVs, Samsung offered up a special app, called Smart View. The problem was however, that the company just didn't maintain it all well, and the Play Store listing became filled with angry reviews for an app that just wasn't up-to-standard. Well, Samsung has turned over a new leaf where this one app is concerned, and introduced a full-on replacement for the original Smart View app. Those that had downloaded the original one from the Play Store can't just upgrade to this new version, they need to download it anew (from the Play Store link below). If you're keen to try it out, but need to know if it works with your particular TV model, Samsung has a list of devices, running from 2011 all the way up to 2015 on the new Play Store listing that should answer this question for you.

It's nice to see Samsung issue a new app like this, especially as the original was quite obviously not going down well with its own users. Overall though, this is an app that has been release in Beta and it's not going to be all that useful for users that don't have a Samsung Smart TV. The new app appears to blend in with the latest TouchWiz skins on Samsung devices like the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy Note 5 line of devices and it appears to be a positive improvement over the original app.

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