Samsung Announces Galaxy Tab E Nook Tablet, Priced at $249

samsung galaxy tab e nook

For a while, Barnes & Noble had been making their own tablets/e-readers, but they weren’t selling all that well. So they closed up shop on their hardware department. But instead of completely throwing in the towel on their Nook tablets, they decided to work with Samsung and rebrand some of their Galaxy Tabs as Nook tablets. This morning, the two companies announced another Galaxy Tab rebrand. The Galaxy Tab E Nook Tablet, which is going to be priced at $249.

This new tablet from Barnes & Noble is a 9.6-inch tablet that is designed and built by Samsung. Barnes & Noble are touting that it’s great for reading as well as watching videos and such due to its larger display. It does come with a microSD card slot, as well as Microsoft Office on-board and pre-installed. Which means you can get some work done as well as read some great books from Barnes & Noble. The company is also offering a trade-in/trade-up program for any of the Nook by Samsung tablets including the new Galaxy Tab E Nook Tablet, which goes on sale today. This program allows you to get up to $200 in credit towards the purchase of a Nook by Samsung. In which you can trade in a Nook, iPad, Kindle as well as Samsung’s Galaxy Tablets. The promotion is only good until November 7th, and you will need to find a store to take advantage of this promotion.

Basically what the Galaxy Tab E Nook Tablet is, is a Samsung Galaxy Tab with the Nook app installed. Which is actually a good thing. It gives you the best of both worlds. You can get a full tablet experience, but still have the amazing Nook app where you can get all kinds of books to read. Great for that time on the subway, or on the plane, or just when you need something to do, to pass the time.

The Galaxy Tab E joins two other Nook tablets in the family, which are the Galaxy Tab 4 Nook and the Galaxy Tab S2 Nook tablet. The Galaxy Tab E Nook Tablet sits right in the middle at $249, with the others at $399 and $149 respectively.