Rumor: Xiaomi To Release 12.5 & 13.3-Inch Laptops In Q1 2016

Xiaomi laptop third party render 1

Xiaomi is one of the biggest smartphone OEMs in China, though this company dabbles in pretty much anything tech related. Xiaomi has released a ton of smart gadgets this year, and they have also been rumored to be working on a laptop device for quite some time now. The latest rumors surfaced a few weeks back, and even though it seemed improbable Xiaomi is actually working on their own laptop, Inventec has confirmed that fact. The company has said that they’ve partnered up with Xiaomi, and that the first Xiaomi-branded laptop will reach the market in early 2016.

That being said, we really didn’t have any info when it comes to this phablet, at least thus far. According to a new rumor which surfaced in China, Xiaomi is getting ready to release the 12.5 and 13.3-inch variants of this laptop (image above is only a concept render, not an actual device). That’s all the spec info we have at the moment, but it is also worth mentioning that Xiaomi hired Lenovo’s ex-official, according to the Secretary General of the China Smartphone Alliance. We’ve already reported on this quite recently, and it seems like Xiaomi is very serious when it comes to their upcoming laptop. We’re quite curious to see what will come pre-installed on this device, will Xiaomi release a Windows-powered laptop, or will this perhaps be a Chrome OS or Android-powered device.

Interesting enough, today’s rumor also mentions a Taiwan-based manufacturer, Compal. According to the info, Xiaomi has partnered up with Compal as well, and this company might actually manufacture at least a part of Xiaomi-branded laptops. Keep in mind that none of this info is confirmed thus far, so take this info with a grain of salt. Huawei and Xiaomi are the two top smartphone OEMs in China, and it might be worth mentioning that Huawei seems to be planning to release a laptop soon as well, at least according to the latest info. Huawei has recently registered ‘MateBook’ trademark, which suggests the company will follow Xiaomi’s lead. Both of these companies are expected to release their laptop offerings in the first quarter of 2016, so stay tuned for more info.