Rumor: Samsung to Launch Galaxy S7 Edge in Two Sizes?

Galaxy S6 Edge Plus AH 12

2015 has been a big year for Samsung, they ushered in a new design language throughout their devices and finally silenced the critics where the build quality of their devices was concerned. More than that however, it showed that Samsung knew how to expand their flagship Galaxy S line with careful consideration. The Galaxy S6 Edge is a great device for anyone looking for a little something extra, and the larger 5.7-inch version gave those looking for a larger display and a great look and feel one more solid option. The two were released at opposite sides of the calendar this year, but according to a new rumor it looks like little and large variants could launch at the same time next year.

Rumors surrounding the Galaxy S7 have already started swirling, and the overall consensus is that the new device is going to feature a USB Type-C connector and build upon the sort of design language and materials that year’s Galaxy S6 introduced. While a launch for the device is still probably 6 months away at this point, this hasn’t stopped Korean media getting involved more frequently. According to a report from SamsungViet, next year Samsung will release both 5.2-inch and 5.7-inch variants of the Galaxy S7, but do so at the same time. To a lot of people, this might make a lot of sense, and indeed it does. The Galaxy S6 Edge+ was launched alongside the Galaxy Note 5, and considering the latter is so similar to the former it did take a little of the limelight away from the Galaxy Note line. Traditionally, the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note lines have stayed close cousins, but this year the Galaxy S6 Edge+ mixed things up a little bit.

Launching a smaller and larger version of the Galaxy S7 Edge at the same time would make perfect sense, and instantly give people the type of choices that consumers are looking for these days. With devices that come in at massive sizes like the Galaxy S6 Edge+ proving to be more popular these days, it would be in Samsung’s best interest to launch the two different sizes at the same time, and we wouldn’t be surprised if this is what Samsung is currently planning.