Rumor: Samsung To Announce Galaxy S7 On January 19th

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One of the biggest flagship launches occurred back in March at MWC when Samsung took the veils off of their latest generation Galaxy S device. This was the Galaxy S6 and its counterpart Edge variant, the Galaxy S6 Edge. As such and continuing Samsung’s biannual release of the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note ranges, it would be expected that around the same time next year, typically MWC, Samsung would unveil their 2016 generation Galaxy S device, the Galaxy S7. However, Samsung switched things up a little with the launch of the Galaxy Note 5 by announcing and unveiling the device a little bit earlier than what was expected. This led to some interesting and early estimations that maybe Samsung would do the same with the Galaxy S7.

In fact, those estimations quickly started to look like realistic time-frames when a report emerged towards the end of last month suggesting that Samsung would indeed launch the Galaxy S7 earlier than usual next year. In fact, the report specifically month-dropped January as the time for the Galaxy S7 to be expected. Now, a new report is emerging from Korea today which essentially confirms the already suggested month of January as the expected Galaxy S7 launch month.

To take things a little further, the new report goes further than simply stating that it will be January and instead, seems to suggest that January 19th will be the date in which Samsung chooses to launch the next-gen Galaxy S device. To add further color to the rumor, the report also does suggest that two versions of the device will be launched on this date. One being a “Premium” version and the other being a “Sub Premium” version. This is another rumor (two variants) which has been touted consistently already. It has also been suggested in the past that Samsung might release different processor types of the Galaxy S7 and this seems to be he the assumption being made now with the premium Galaxy S7 sporting Samsung’s own chipset and the sub-premium variant sporting a different processor, possible a MediaTek processor. Of course this is still a rumor but it does seem to be fitting with reports which have been emerging of late. As such, if correct, we are looking at the middle-to-latter part of January for the launch date of of the the Galaxy S7 and a secondary Galaxy S7 device.