Rumor: Samsung Galaxy S7 To Come With Force Touch Display

October 12, 2015 - Written By John Anon

While Samsung’s latest devices are still fresh in memory, attention has already turned to the next Samsung flagship that is due to arrive soon(ish). Continuing with Samsung’s bi-annual flagship launch, the next Samsung device expected will be the Samsung Galaxy S7 and in spite of this being an early 2016 flagship device, rumors are already well underway. Although, common with any rumors, sometimes they do contradict each other. It has been said that the Galaxy S7 will likely be released in three different variants and possible with each sporting a different processor. Although, a new report which emerged this morning seemed to be clearly suggesting there will only be two variants of the Galaxy S7 on the way, the standard Galaxy S7 and following the tradition of the Galaxy S6, a second Edge variant. With no mention of additional models or processor-specific versions.

Well, another report now coming to the surface is regarding the features that might come with the Galaxy S7. In particular, that the Galaxy S7 might employ Force Touch technology. In short, where Samsung Galaxy S7 owners will be able to apply different levels of pressure to the display and activate different features. In terms of the current rumor, this one comes courtesy of a Weibo posting this morning which stated that Samsung has partnered with Synaptics to make use of ClearForce technology to implement the feature on the Galaxy S7.

This is a feature which the Android world will be hearing a lot more about going forward, as it seems to be a feature which is gaining traction with manufacturer’s. Apple has already implemented the feature in the form of 3D Touch on their latest iPhone, while the likes of Huawei has also integrated a version of Force Touch on their recently announced Huawei Mate S smartphone. Likewise, the OnePlus X (or OnePlus Mini depending on who you believe) was also rumored this morning to be coming with a similar feature. So it is plausible that Samsung would want to be in on the action too and would implement touch sensitive feature activation. Although, at the moment, this firmly remains a rumor for now.