Rumor: Samsung Galaxy Note 5 To Arrive In Europe January 2016


The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is arguably one of the best smartphones of this year and certainly, one of the contenders for best phablet. This is largely thanks to the use of the S Pen and its multi-tasking nature, as well as the high-end specs which come as standard with the device. As such, in the run up to the release of the Galaxy Note 5, the anticipation from those looking for a new smartphone was immense worldwide. However, this then led to the realization that the Galaxy Note 5 was not destined for all markets and most notably, was not planning on seeing a European release anytime soon. Instead, Europe was being pushed the other Samsung phablet which launched at the same time, the Galaxy S6 Edge+.

This led to many reports coming through over the following weeks and months detailing the rumors around whether or not the Galaxy Note 5 would actually arrive in Europe. Some suggested it would soon enough, while other reports suggested that it would not arrive in Europe until next year. In fact, some reports even suggested that a less powerful version of the Note 5 might be on its way to Europe.


Well, the latest on this comes from a new report that claims some carriers in the region will begin receiving the device starting from January 2016. Specifically, the information relates to carriers in Romania where the information is reported to come from a "source close" to Romania's branch of Samsung. Specific dates in January were not provided, although "early January" was what was specifically suggested from the source. Of course, this is now fueling the assumption that if it becomes available during this time-frame in Romania, it will also likely become available in other European countries around the same time as well. Although, it is worth keeping in mind that at the moment, this is very much still a rumor with no further substantiation coming from elsewhere. However, if you are in Europe and waiting for the Galaxy Note 5 to arrive, then January might be the time in which it finally does. At least, for certain European markets.

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