Polar Introduces New A360 24/7 Fitness Tracker

These days there are so many different fitness trackers out there to choose from that it can be hard to know where to look. Considering that Samsung, Sony, Xiaomi and other smartphone manufacturers also make their own wearable technology now, it's interesting to know which of these are actually accurate and can genuinely affect your overall health and wellbeing. Polar, FitBit and Misfit have been plugging away at this sector for a long time now, and Polar is today launching a new product. The A360 (pictured above) will offer 24/7 activity tracking, notification support and a personalized trainer to keep you on the right track.

It's clear that Polar have taken some inspiration from other smartwatches out there, and the A360 definitely bridges the gap between fitness tracker and smartwatch. There's a heart rate monitor included here, alongside a color display that shows all sorts of information (including the time) and Polar have said that the heart rate monitor here is "industry leading". Polar have been offering up products like these for some time now, and they're a recognised name in the sports science industry, so the A360 could be the casual tracker that pulls double-duty and gets serious when you need it to.

The A360 seems similar to the new Microsoft Band 2, and the price tag is similar as well at $199.95 in the US and €199.95 across Europe. The company is taking an interesting approach where different colors and sizes are concerned, with the Charcoal Black option available in M and L sizes and Powder White in size S, these two will be available in November. For those looking for a little more color, Sorbet Pink (in S and M) and Navy Blue (in M) will be available late this year. That Android-looking Neon Green option? That won't be available until next year, sadly.

The A360 seems like a great new option from Polar, and if you're looking for a fitness tracking that has been extensively tested and created by those with an understanding of sports science, then the A360 could be the one for you. There are some more pictures in the gallery below, and the A360 should be on sale next month.

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