Adds New Partners Including IGN, Cracked & More

October 7, 2015 - Written By Justin Diaz

Streaming video is probably one of the greatest inventions to come to those who absolutely love their TV content. What makes it even better is that there is no shortage of apps and services from which those people can choose to meet their needs or desires for what to watch. is one of those apps and services, although it works a bit differently in that you can only stream what’s currently playing at the time from whatever channels you choose to interact with. Essentially it’s like real TV many years ago but you stream it from you Android device instead of having to be plugged into a cable box.

As of today has announced that they would soon push a ton of new content to the app which will see the addition of 20 channels for users to watch, ultimately making the app even better than it was before because, who would want to complain about having more content available for the same great price; free. The new channels are not yet available but will be “soon” according to the press release, so it shouldn’t be long before existing or new users will have access to the content from these new partners. As for what’s going to be included in the future, is partnering up for content from the Onion, Comedy Time Network, game related content from IGN, and more. is also partnering up for content with AwesomenessTV, Cracked, DHX Media, Euroarts, The Film Detective, Garage Monkey, Glory Sport International, Just For Laughs, Language, Legendary Digital Networks, Nature Vision, Network A, NewsmaxTV, Newsy, NowThis, TYT Network, Wochit News, and World Poker Tour. While some of this content users may have never heard of, other partners like IGN Entertainment and Cracked are particularly huge adds. Cracked for example has more than 15 million monthly active visitors to their site to watch their collective of humorous content. IGN on the other hand is an extremely well-known site that focuses on gaming news and entertainment, with plenty of videos revolving around that topic. With users now having access to those along with other big name content providers and the already 100 channels of tv, the app and service just might be more enticing if you don’t already grab your tv content elsewhere. The app will let you stream content right on your mobile device, but it is also compatible with Android TV, and users can use the Android app to stream the content to Chromecast as well.