Plume is an Android App That Rates Your Air Quality

In today's world, pollution has become a very real danger for a lot of us, especially those of us that either live near a busy road, in a built-up industrial area or in a large city. While there's work being done all over the world to improve things in this regard, pollution in the air of your local city can do harm to your lungs and make you feel unwell. This is why Plume Labs developed Plume, an Android and iOS app that catalogs hundreds of cities across the globe and rates their quality of air. The app then lets you choose which activity you want to do and let's you know whether or not it's safe to do said activity.

The app uses World Health Organization guidelines to deliver what the developers call 'Plume Unit's, which work on a scale of 0 - 150, and are broken down into user friendly descriptions on the pollution level. Plume uses these WHO guidelines to rate the quality of air in your chosen city, and you can use Plume to get info on more than one city, amassing a sort of collection of cities as you would the same way in a weather application. It's hard to take everything that Plume says seriously, especially as "taking the baby out" delivers the same warning as going for a run, which are two very different scenarios when air quality is concerned. Either way though, the app is presented with a quality look and feel and for those need a general guideline of what time of day is best to venture outside, Plume will offer up at least some sort of value.

The app hasn't been available for long, but it's already starting to evolve, and UV index ratings were added to Plume not too long ago. This sort of thing might not be for everyone, but it at least offers up some sort of helpful information, and those with respiratory illnesses or sensitive lungs will definitely appreciate the simple and pragmatic heads-up that Plume offers from a free Android app.

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