Phhhoto Brings Instant GIF Creation To Android Users

October 22, 2015 - Written By Justin Diaz

GIF images are a huge part of the internet culture, and with always connected mobile devices it’s easier than ever to share GIF images that you love with anyone you feel might appreciate them. A new app on Android today called ‘Phhhoto’ allows users to take pictures and then turn them into a forever-looping image set which they can then share to other social feeds. Phhhoto is not just an app for creating these looping images though, it’s an entire social network in itself akin to something like Instagram or Snapchat where users can see and like phhhotos of others and vise versa. Phhhotos are only taken within the app itself and images from the gallery or camera roll are not allowed, inspiring users to create new and fresh content for the social platform to share with the world.

Phhhoto has been out for the iOS platform since 2014, but the creators are now bringing it to the billion plus users on Android. While the app essentially lets you create GIFs that upload to your Phhhoto profile, the app team calls it an instant animated camera that allows uses to shoot moving photos that loop forever. Although this is exactly what a GIF image is, not everyone will be familiar with a GIF, making this description from Phhhoto perfect for a situation where you’re trying to entice someone to hop on the application and give it a try.

As of earlier this year Phhhoto had already topped more than one million users and that was just for the iOS platform. Now that it’s out for Android as well the app has a chance to boom even more. While apps like Instagram already have a massive following images, as does Snapchat with images and videos, Phhhoto provides users a way to share the effects of video but without spending the amount of time it takes to record the video and send it. The short and fast four frame loop shots instantly upload to Phhhoto’s network onto your profile where people can like and comment on them, as well as share and follow your page. In that regard it works similar to other photo-based social networks. It also gives users a bit of the unknown by having surprise filters available every day so you never know what you’re going to be using when you create your own Phhhotos. The app is already live in the Play Store and it’s free to use, so if sharing pictures is your thing check it out.