Pepsi Could Launch its First Ever Smartphone


With the smartphone market increasingly finding itself saturated by the dozens of manufacturers looking to make a profit, it doesn’t always seem sensible for new companies to join in the fray. What makes even less sense is which company is rumored to be behind the latest addition to the smartphone market: Pepsi. Yes, Pepsi the carbonated soft drink maker.

Chinese social media site Weibo hinted at Pepsi’s possible entry into the tech industry. Pepsi’s official Weibo account posted a somewhat mysterious image this morning featuring its logo followed by the words “Pepsi Phone”. Before this post, it’s doubtful anybody would have guessed the Coke competitor would think to release any sort of technological device. Pepsi’s plans for its primary business don’t seem to correlate with the tech industry.

Since this post was limited to the company’s Chinese branch, it’s likely that the Pepsi Phone will remain a foreign endeavor if it ever does come to fruition. One of the biggest ambiguities of the post is Pepsi’s lack of any proper manufacturing plants for smartphones. Lack of technological expertise aside, the company doesn’t employ anyone who might be able to produce a smartphone. If Pepsi will indeed launch a handset, it will most likely outsource the manufacturing work. The snack company has no presence whatsoever in the smartphone industry.

Pepsi Phone now has its own official page on Weibo. It doesn’t answer any questions specifically on the validity of the rumors though it does add a sort of confirmation.

It’s possible that the Pepsi Phone is not an actual smartphone product. It’s much more likely that Pepsi is looking to launch a new dedicated Pepsi app. If the product does form into a handset, it’s probable the soda company could be using this as a medium to promote its other products. Few things generate more interest than a high-profile launch of a new smartphone. Pepsi’s radical invention would surely be a widely publicized effort.

While Coca-Cola is busy promoting its new flavors, Pepsi’s possible campaign could either be a boost in the race or a fall. Either way, a surprise Pepsi branded smartphone would be an interesting launch.