OnePlus: Trade Your Galaxy Note 5 for A OnePlus 2


Ever the attention seekers, OnePlus have another great idea on their hands. One that will undoubtedly deliver them yet more controversy throughout social media (and yes, we are aware that this article will put fuel on the fire, too). Of course, the Chinese upstart is hoping that this will not only extend exposure for the overall OnePlus brand, but perhaps take a chunk out of Samsung's armor, because this is who OnePlus is going after once again, the same company that control's the over half of the Lion's share of the mobile market along with Apple. In their latest use of #hashtags, OnePlus is asking users to #TakeTheEdgeOff.

OnePlus is asking users to trade in their Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy S6 Edge+ or a Galaxy Note 5. Now, not to say the OnePlus 2 isn't a good smartphone – we reviewed it favorably – but we can't see many people taking them up on this offer. Simply because these devices cost a good deal more than the OnePlus 2 does, a Galaxy Note 5 or even Galaxy S6 costs almost twice as much as a OnePlus 2 and many users that did pick one up will probably be locked in two-year contracts. This time however, it seems OnePlus might have gotten the balance between controversy and crazy right this time. Only 50 entries will be chosen to actually ship off their device to OnePlus, and these devices will be sent on to the non-profit Hope Phones, which uses unwanted smartphones to deliver much-needed medical equipment to poor and remote locations around the world.

The charity side of things here is great! OnePlus and other companies should perhaps do more of this sort of thing, but we can't quite understand why they're only going after Samsung devices here? This is perhaps where the crazy part comes in, no matter how much good OnePlus want to do here, it's obvious that they're looking to make a point here by focusing on Samsung devices only. Limiting things to only 50 devices, and closing the contest quickly – October 18th – would probably amount to a flash in the pan for Samsung, but this is sure to make big news among communities of Samsung and OnePlus fans alike and if it was really all about the charity, OnePlus would accept any recent phone at all, not just those from big, bad Samsung.


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