OnePlus to Hold Pop-Up Events for Invite Free Sales


Earlier today, the OnePlus X was made officially official by the Chinese upstart. The device, which seems like a cutdown OnePlus One with similar specs, and a smaller 5.0-inch Full HD display has received a mixed reception so far. On the one hand, it's an excellent device for the price, but on the other it does seem all a little "2014" for today's high expectations. Still, the device is just $249 for a device with a good fit and finish and a near-stock Android experience. One of the bigger sticking points of course is yet again the invite system. For certain customers however, they might be able to get their own OnePlus X at popup events around the world that will be selling the device without the need for events.

The company is hosting a handful of pop-up events throughout the month of November, and they'll be offering the OnePlus X for open sale, meaning there's no need for an invite of any sort. While dates for these pop-up events have emerged on a dedicated mini-site, only details for the Paris event have been confirmed as of writing. In Europe, OnePlus will be holding events in London, Paris, Rome and Berlin. In Asia, OnePlus will be heading to Mumbai and New Delhi as early as next week, while those in Hong Kong will get their chance later in the month. Rounding things up is a pop-up event to be held in Los Angeles towards the end of the month.


These pop-up events are a decent branding strategy by OnePlus. Customers looking to get their hands on a phone without an invite will come down for the day, and it's a good place for them to meet other likeminded people and fans of the brand. For OnePlus of course, it furthers their brand presence and will go a long way to making the company seem like a community-focused brand, rather than a mass market one. Whether or not the OnePlus X is up to customers' standards is something we'll have to wait and see about, but for $249 and €269 in the West, it's certainly a well-priced device if nothing else.

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