OnePlus India Sends Out Invites For October 12th Event

OnePlus India October 12th invite 1

OnePlus has released one device this year, their new flagship, the OnePlus 2. This smartphone was announced back in July, and is a direct successor to the OnePlus One handset which was unveiled back in 2014. The OnePlus 2, is much like its predecessor, a very compelling offering by the company which has lots to offer. We’ve already talked about this device at length, and are here to address something else OnePlus related. OnePlus India has sent out invites for a press briefing in Bangalore India for October 12th under the name ‘The Next Big Step’, read on.

There are several things that make this press invite interesting. The announcement that lays behind it, and the fact that Pete Lau will attend it. Pete Lau is Xiaomi’s co-founder and CEO, but he isn’t exactly company’s global face, that responsibility belongs to Carl Pei, the other co-founder of this company. Either way, Pete Lau will attend this press event, and even though some of you might think that OnePlus Mini / X will be announced at the event, that’s not as likely. Now, according to the source, it’s more likely this will be a ‘Make in India‘ announcement for OnePlus in which the company intends to announce that they’ll manufacture their products in India as well. ‘Make in India’ project was initiated by the company’s Prime Minister a while back, and a number of companies already participate in it. India gives manufacturers various incentives to manufacture devices in India, and it seems like OnePlus is the latest company that will join this list.

The General Manager of OnePlus India, Vikas Agarwal, will join Pete Lau during this press conference as the co-host. Now, keep in mind that the OnePlus Mini / X announcement is still a possibility here, but considering Pete Lau is hosting this event, and the location of the event itself, the ‘Make in India’ scenario is more likely to occur than the product launch scenario. The OnePlus Mini / X is expected to get announced in the coming weeks though, so… who knows. Either way, you can check out the invitation above this article, and stay tuned for additional info, if anything else surfaces before the event, we’ll let you know.