Nokia Hints Consumer Wearables Are On The Way

Nokia wearable 1

Nokia was once the number one cellphone manufacturer in the world. This Finland-based company had it all at one point, and was considered number 1 in terms of quality all over the world. Well, the company made a number of poor decisions in recent years, they basically didn’t adapt well to the smartphone era. Nokia was pushing their Symbian OS for far too long, and also made some wrong turns with MeeGo and Windows Phone as well. Nokia opted to sign an agreement with Microsoft a while back and manufacture Windows Phone-powered devices exclusively, which didn’t go well for Nokia. The company was forced to sell their Devices and Services business to Microsoft and was basically ruined.

Well, Nokia has managed to get back into the game to some extent when they released the Nokia N1 Android-powered tablet back in November last year. The company was, however, unable to offer this tablet in enough markets, it was more or less available in parts of Asia only. Well, Nokia has purchased Alcatel-Lucent quite recently, and seems to be ready to push forward. The company has been rumored to be working on an Android-powered smartphone which will be released next year, and according to the newly surfaced info, the Nokia-branded smartwatch might also come into play soon.

Nokia has declared recently that their objective is to ”research, develop, manufacture, market, sell and deliver products, software and services in a wide range of consumer and business-to-business markets,” while they also added the following: ”These products, software and services relate to, among others, network infrastructure for telecommunication operators and other enterprises, the internet of things, human health and well-being, multi-media, big data and analytics, mobile devices and consumer wearables and other electronics.”

This press release does say that the company is interested in ‘consumer wearables’, and the company has hinted that they’ll be developing such products a couple of months back as well. So, the only question that remains at this point is when will we see this Finland-based company release such a product. 2016 might be an interesting year when Nokia is concerned, we expect the company to release both an Android-powered smartphone and their very own smartwatch offering. Stay tuned for more info, we’ll report back as soon as something pops up.