Nexus Type-C Ports Will Charge Other Type-C Supported Devices


The last few weeks have brought with them, various Nexus days. The first was when the company announced the launch of the latest Nexus devices, the Huawei Nexus 6P and LG nexus 5X at the recent Nexus event. And now, if you have been checking your news feeds, today has also been a Nexus day of sorts, with a ton of news coming though. For instance, if you have purchased a new Nexus device then you might want to take advantage of the instant invites for Project Fi that Google is currently offering.

Well, one of the features which comes on both of the Nexus devices is the use of Type-C USB connectivity. In fact, this seems to be what is becoming the standard going forward with a number of devices like the OnePlus 2 already sporting the feature and a number of upcoming devices rumored to be coming touting the feature. So it does look like Type-C USB is here to stay. Of course, one of the benefits of Type-C USB is the fact that it can offer quicker data transfers. Not to mention, you won't have to worry about being confused on which way to insert the cable as it is an 'any way' usage cable. Well, that is not all Type-C USB offers and if you are a new owner (or about to be) of a 2015 Nexus device then it is worth knowing that it also supports a Power Supply function. As well as being to deliver data transfer faster, the new Nexus devices are also able to charge additional devices that are connected though the Type-C USB port. Of course, this does mean that you need to be using two devices which both support the technology, but if you do and connect one to the other, than you will be able to charge one from the other. When connecting the two devices, a prompt will display which will offer the option to select how you want to use the Type-C port (much the same as when you connect a microUSB cable to a device and it offers a couple of options of how to use the connection). One of the options is to directly charge another connected device.


Now, it would seem that the feature is little inconsistent at the moment and even if you have two Type-C USB supported devices. For instance, inconsistent charging times and speeds across different Type-C devices. However, this could be for a number of reasons. One being that some of the other Type-C USB devices might not support the power supply feature, while this also could be an issue of certain devices running on Lollipop while others running on Marshmallow. Although, either way, it does seem that if you own a Nexus device, going forward, you will be able to charge other devices (and certainly other Nexus devices) which also make use of Type-C USB.

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