News Republic Teams Up With HTC To Enhance BlinkFeed

By Diego Macias October 20, 2015, 4:21pm
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HTC had an interesting announcement today, the company announced the HTC One A9 that we had seen in leaked images. What was interesting about the announcement was that they only talked about the design of the phone (that some might find too similar to the iPhone) and the services that would be included when purchasing this particular phone. Some valuable features of the phone include the free Uh-Oh protection plan and the fact that not only is this the first non-Nexus device to be launched with Android 6.0 Marshmallow, but future updates of the operating system would be received within 15 days after they get released for the Nexus lineup. They primarily focused on the overall experience that this phone would bring to those who end up buying it.

They also talked how they were among the first to customize Android with their Sense UI, which is often considered visually pleasing and very functional. Recent versions of Sense integrate a feature called BlinkFeed and now, News Republic has announced that they will partner with HTC to make their news visible through this feature. The News Republic app for Android has recently been categorized under "Editors' Choice" in Google Play and users of HTC smartphones and tablets will be able to choose some topics they might find interesting from more than 1,500 quality content partners. This would give them a personalized list of relevant articles from worldwide, regional or local categories.

Some of the reasons users like the News Republic apps very much is because of the visual elements that make the news and categories more appealing and the way the apps learn what might interest their users and provide a personalized experience. The complete articles are displayed with photos and videos and by using Tag Nav, users can access content from sites like The Associated Press, Reuters, Huffington Post, Business Insider, Bloomberg and TechCrunch. Gilles Raymond, News Republic's CEO said, "We are proud to have News Republic pre-loaded on HTC's innovative smartphones and tablets, as it is a win-win for both companies, and a big win for consumers". All of HTC users can benefit from the News Republic experience, they just need to access BlinkFeed and click on the news section.

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October 20, 2015, 4:21pm
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