New Google Patent Reveals Light-Powered Contact Lens


When it comes to wearables, it is sometimes difficult to really foresee where the market is going. Now, it is easy to see that the market is one which will be growing and items like watches will become staples of the market. However, it seems manufacturers are continually trying to figure out what else or what other part of the body can make use of a 'wearable'. The latest on this is that Google is working on a wearable contact lens.

To be clear, the contact lens is not new news, as it was reported back in June that Google was working on a contact lens when a new patent came to light. Not to mention, earlier reports surfaced back in April with another patent emerging suggesting that Google are working on a contact lens which contained a camera. However, what has emerged this week is another patent by Google has now been approved and this one refers to a contact lens which is light-powered.


To all purposes, the contact lens will be a wearable, as it does come equipped with memory, a microprocessor and various sensors for various data recording. However in addition, the contact lens will make use of "optical signals" which would essentially pick up a signal from a light source, which could then be converted into a power source for the lens. This could mean that as well as direct sunlight, the lens could essentially be powered by any source of light which is strong enough to have its signal converted by the lens.

As to be expected, the lens is said to offer feedback on a variety of environmental stimuli such as allergens and other hazardous elements in the air. As well as offering feedback information on the user's blood level, oxygen and so forth. All of which would be streamed to another device, presumably, your watch or your phone. Of course, with this being a patent, this does not provide any indication of when or even, if, the patent will emerge into anything more. Although, with the already noted patents continually coming through in regards to Google and contact lenses, it does at least seem to suggest this is on their agenda.

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