New Emojis are coming to Android, Soon

Emoji AH 1

Emojis are fun to send instead of plain text messages. Whether it’s in a text message, a status update on Facebook or a Tweet on Twitter. Whatsapp recently  brought in some new colors to their emojis, by bringing in skin tones. So on certain emojiis you can choose between a slew of different skin tones. Which is a pretty cool update. Apple also brought in some new emojis with their latest update to iOS 9, and it sounds like Android users were looking for some new emojis as well. As Hiroshi Lockheimer, from the Android team, posted on Twitter yesterday that they are working on it, and saying thank you for all the feedback the team has gotten.

It’s not like Android doesn’t have emojis already, we’ve had them in Android for a few years now. Obviously we were a bit behind iOS in terms of emojis but we do have them built into the OS, and many keyboards have them built in as well. Not to mention, on your smartwatch with one of the later versions of Android Wear, you can draw emojis on your wrist to send as a message to someone. Which is legit, awesome. Although it’s not perfect. I’m sure the Wear team is working on that as well.

Now this is likely not just some random announcement from the Android team. As we stated already, Apple did bring some new emojis to the new version of iOS, that’d be iOS 9.1. In fact there’s even a middle-finger emoji. Which was a bit surprising to see in the update but it’s there. Now just what Hiroshi meant by “new emojis” will be interesting. Will we get different skin tones for the current emojis? Possibly some entirely new emojis? Or we could get both. Which I’m sure everyone will love. But this means we are one step closer to not needing to type words in our text messages and status updates anymore. What a future this is going to be. You can check out Hiroshi’s tweet in the source section down below. Feel free to give him some feedback as well, on what type of emojis you’d love to see.