Mobilicity Users Have Until Oct 14 for Discounted Phone

October 7, 2015 - Written By Cory McNutt

There is always excitement in the Canadian wireless mobile market as the government continues its quest to bring more competition to their country and in turn, lower prices.  Telus tried to purchase Mobilicity, which was facing bankruptcy, on more than one occasion, but was turned away by the Industry Canada.  This set the scene for an offer from Rogers and Telus to bid against each other for the rights to purchase Mobilicity – all apparently with the blessings of Industry Canada.  To muddle the situation even more so – it was discovered that Telus had actually outbid Rogers, but the sale was awarded to Rogers.  There was even talk that Telus might try to fight the decision, but decided not to pursue any legal action.

Mobilicity, even though owned by Rogers, was still operating the status quo.  Rogers had to transition Mobilicity’s customers over to their faster 3G network and many questions remained – would Rogers honor Mobilicity’s cheaper plan prices and what about the new smartphones that Mobilicity customers will need in order to work on Rogers’ network.  According to the agreement, this has to be accomplished by the end of this year – Rogers announced that they will give Mobilicity’s customers until October 14 to get a new, discounted mobile phone that is compatible with Rogers’ network.

Many of Mobilicity’s customers, even ones using a smartphone are not compatible with their 3G network.  Rogers is giving them some pretty decent deals – a Moto E is free…sure it is an entry-level device, but it will not cost you a thing.  If you want something better, for only $100 you can pick up a Moto X (2014) model, and both will work now on Mobilicity and Rogers.  For only $25 you can get a Moto G and for only $50 you can grab a Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime…you want to spend more, $150 will get you a BlackBerry Classic.

Many details still must be explained – for instance, there is still no word on whether Mobilicity customers will be able to ever use Rogers’ 4G LTE network or will they only be able to use the 3G.  If you are a Mobilicity customer, it will be somewhat an inconvenience to switch phones and possibly a higher monthly rate – however, you will gain a much better and faster…even a 3G…network than you are currently using.  Mobilicity has set up a website for you to determine if your device is compatible with Rogers or not.