Misfit Officially Announces Shine 2 Activity Tracker

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When it comes to fitness trackers there are all kinds, ranging from a pretty penny to a reasonable price when it comes down to cost. Not all have displays either which helps to offset that higher cost to the consumer, like with Misfit's Shine and Speedo Shine activity trackers and sleep monitors. This evening Misfit has officially announced the evolution of the Shine with their all new tracker called the Shine 2, carrying with it improved functionality for tracking activities, stats, and sleep, while also coming with a complete redesign, yet still managing to stay within an affordable price range. Misfit states that Shine 2 takes what was the absolute best about their first product and have refined those parts to make it even better, and then adding on that by giving it new functionality to  boost its value and usefulness.

Aesthetically, Shine 2 looks fairly similar to the original Misfit Shine save for a few subtle touches, but looks aside there are a handful of new features which the original Shine was not capable of. Namely, notifications. With Shine 2, users are able to receive text, and call notifications to their trackers with a silent vibrating alarm to alert them the notifications are coming in. Should users notice these alerts, they can simply pull out their phone and see what all the buzz is about. In addition to notification alerts, the Shine 2 also has a new way to motivate users to become more active. Misfit Move as it's called, gives users that little extra push they need to get going by vibrating when they may need to get up and walk around/become active.


Misfit didn't just add new functions, but also new hardware features. Shine 2 now displays the halo of lights around the edge of the tracker in a range of different color combinations making for a virtual rainbow of options. In total the lights (there are 12 indicators around the ring) can display in over 16 million different colors. Misfit's attention to detail also led them to make the lights bright and visible in any situation, as Misfit states that even in direct sunlight users can see the colored halo ring without issue. While still being water resistant up to 50 meters and carrying a battery life that should last users six months before needing a replacement, the Shine 2 has been designed with the same aircraft-grade aluminum but is now thinner than the original. The Misfit Shine 2 will be available worldwide starting next month, but is already available in the U.S. in Rose Gold and Carbon Black colors for $99.99 from Misfit's website.

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