Microsoft Announce Cross-Platform Band 2 for $249


Earlier today, Microsoft held a big event for their new Surface line of devices, including the both very expensive and very powerful Surface Book. For us mobile and Android fans however, all this talk of Windows isn't all that inspiring, but the new Microsoft Band 2 might be the fitness tracker some have been waiting for. While the Fitbit, Misfit, Gear Fit and others all offer detailed and comprehensive information both while we're on the move and while we're asleep, but the majority of them are all step-based. While the Fitbit Flex and Charge HR for instance work great for running, hiking and so on, there's no concessions for those looking to workout at home. The original Microsoft Band had detailed workouts, including weight lifting and general calisthenics, and it was a cross-platform product, but it was sadly quite bulky and pretty expensive.

Today however, Microsoft have unveiled the new Band 2, which has a much more ergonomic look and feel to it with a curved display and build that fits more naturally to the display. While Microsoft seem to have conquered the look and feel of the original product, there's still a high price tag of $249 with this tracker. Not only does the Microsoft Band 2 bridge the gap between smartwatch and fitness tracker, but it's also packed full of sensors. There's a continuous heart-rate monitor, giving you a picture from the past 24 hours of when you're heart rate was raised and of course this has great uses when you're exercising. More than that however, there's a UV sensor, a barometer, an altimeter, gyroscope and all sorts of other goodies in there. When it comes to exercise, either on the spot or outdoors, the Band 2 can track it.


Just like the Fitbit or Google Health, the Microsoft Band 2 syncs with Microsoft Health, unimaginative naming aside, it can be accessed on any platform anywhere and tracks every sort of metric that you can think of in order to give you a picture of your overall health and progress towards your goals. The Microsoft Band 2 costs $249 and will be available later on this month.

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