Magic Leap Unveiled Demonstration Released Online

AH Magic Leap logo

It was last year that we learned of Google investing a whopping $50 million for a project known as Magic Leap and since that initial investment we’ve been in the dark as to what exactly would be brought out. While we know it was something along the lines of augment reality, it was relatively unknown just what Magic Leap would bring to the table especially now as more companies are releasing devices and headsets that are made for augmented reality. Now we finally have a video to showcase Magic Leap and according to the video posting, these two small clips were released unedited and raw directly from the headset.

There have been some high expectations for this Magic Leap as more investors started to pile their money for the development of this product. Not only did Magic Leap get a massive investment from Google but other investors in the mix included Andreessen Horowitz, Legendary Pictures, KKR, Vulcan, along with Weta Workshop which is credited for the special effects behind film franchises such as “The Lord of the Rings”. With these big names all keeping a tight-lipped on the project besides stating Magic Leap would bring out augmented reality in an awesome new way, consumers were easily interested in seeing this project finally get unveiled.

Earlier yesterday afternoon during the WSDJ Live conference, Magic Leap was finally shown off in what was stated to be a video that didn’t contain any edited footage and that the video viewers are watching is completely raw footage that was captured directly from Magic Leap. While the video doesn’t go into the specifics as to the hardware behind Magic Leap it’s still impressive to see all the hard work that went into the development of this new augmented reality headset.

We’re still waiting to see more of this headset, but Google and all the other investors for this project are up against some stiff competition. Not only does Microsoft have their augment reality headset in the works, there’s still Sony’s Project Morpheus and even Oculus Rift. You can take a look at the Magic Leap video demonstration down below.