Lost Qubixle Is A Puzzle Game That Offers Quite A Challenge

AH Lost Qubixle 2

Puzzle games can be some of the best out there as they not only provide you with entertainment, but the challenging nature of most of them helps to also work your brain. Lost Qubixle follows this trend in that it’s quite fun to play and still makes things challenging enough that it doesn’t feel easy or boring. That isn’t to say it isn’t easy for anyone to pick up and get the hang of things. With a little dedication, anyone can give Lost Qubixle a shot and learn how to play without having to stress or strain themselves.

Lost Qubixle offers two options to gamers, a free option and a paid option for $1.99, presumably which offers more levels as there don’t seem to be ads in the free version. It’s also possible that the paid option is simply a donate version for those who wish to support the developer. The goal of the game is to reconstruct the Qubixle in the way you’re shown by an endearing little robot who has lost his memory. As he has no recollection of certain things, he needs help rebuilding the structures on each level. If this already sounds difficult, the game puts you through an informative yet quick tutorial to get you becoming familiar with the gameplay, and from there you’re off to solving the puzzles of each stage.

Lost Qubixle also offers three different difficulty settings including beginner, intermediate, and advanced, with 15 stages for each difficulty level for total of 45 altogether. The developer also states that more levels are coming future updates, so once you finish what’s available currently you’ll eventually be given more to do. If you need some help, you can go back to and play the tutorial at any point which is a nice touch and likely to assist plenty of players. This is a perspective puzzle game, so you’ll have freedom to twist the view on screen to allow for a better perspective on the blocks in front of you. If you’re having trouble placing or removing blocks as needed, changing your perspective just might be the key. Lost Qubixle also comes with fairly decent graphics and is built on the Unity engine, and the background audio helps to immerse you in gameplay a little bit and wearing a pair of headphones will enhance the experience.