LG's Korean Support Page Hint That G3 And G4 Will Get Android 6.0

LG G4 BlackLeather TD AH 16

Google finally announced the final build of the most recent version of the Android operating system called Marshmallow on Tuesday, along with some Nexus hardware. The new Nexus phones will ship with the latest version of the OS, and some older Nexus models will start getting the update on October 5th. It didn’t take long before companies like HTC started announcing the devices that would be getting this update, the list of Samsung devices that would get Marshmallow got leaked a while ago, but other companies haven’t shared their plans about this update.

Regarding LG, there have been rumors that the company could not be updating their devices to Android 5.1.1 so that they could be working on Android 6.0 Marshmallow and be able to release it as soon as possible. We don’t have any official information from this company, but the support page in Korea might give us a hint as to what devices are getting the update. On the web site, after selecting a phone, the operating system must be selected, and interestingly some models are already showing Android 6.0 as an option. Currently, only the F400L, F400K and the F400S models belonging to the G3 series and the F500L, F500K and the F500S models belonging to the G4 series show the option to choose this OS. Sadly, when trying to choose Android 6.0, we are directed to the site where users can download a bunch of apps, so clearly the company is not ready to support that OS just yet. Other LG G3 variants or the more recent LG G Flex 2 don’t show Android 6.0 support, but let’s wait for an official announce before going into conclusions.

We still don’t know what changes could be included in this update, while Marshmallow didn’t bring many visual changes to the interface, LG went a little ahead with changing the looks of its interface with a flatter-looking iconography since Android 4.4, so it might be an opportunity to modernize it a little bit, possibly integrating the new animations. Other hardware elements supported by the update are not available in either device, so we are left with some features like Google Now On Tap, the new app permission system among other improvements.