LG V10 Takes On Sniper Rifle, Loses Spectacularly

LG V10 AH 6

LG’s newest high-end piece of technology, the LG V10, has been hailed as a great phone for many reasons including its durability. It has been said to be able to stand up to a small drop or even the whimsy of a child. Can it take a bullet? Probably not. Can it take a bullet from a Barrett .50-caliber sniper rifle? Definitely not, as proven in a video by FullMag.

In the video, the V10 takes two slugs and comes undone so violently that it makes Humpty Dumpty sound like a set of children’s alphabet blocks. That’s not to say the venerable handset doesn’t put up a fight, of course. The V10’s gorgeous 4K display, as if splitting the first shot that shattered it, strips some of the brass from the round as it passes almost parallel to the phone. This speaks volumes about the incredible durability of the screen, not to mention the shooting skills of the one doing the test. It is worth noting that it looked like the camera lens was intact after the first shot despite the screen denting inward near the top.

The second shot is aimed squarely at the V10, like the well-placed headshot that ends a grueling round of an online game. This shot is aimed not at the screen, but at the middle of the phone, right at the center of the bottom. It rips its way through the V10 from bottom to top, sending pieces flying everywhere and separating the left and right halves of the device. Multiple slow motion cameras are set up to capture the carnage from just about every possible angle. The phone offers no resistance to the passing slug, of course; the Barrett is one of the better rifles money can buy. To be sure, no phone should be expected to stand up to a bullet, let alone a .50-caliber round from one of the best in the biz. The fact that the first shot, meant to scratch the screen, didn’t obliterate the device should say plenty. It can be noted, though, that the V10’s camera was still intact at first and a few layers of LCD are even intact after the second shot. Judging from this incredible performance, it’s not hard to imagine a slap-happy toddler failing to defeat this tough-guy premium device from LG.