LG Announces Marshmallow Update Begins With The G4

LG G4 BlackLeather TD AH 04

While the world of Android sits around waiting and watching to see which devices are the first to receive Android 6.0 Marshmallow through software updates, most Nexus devices that were listed as compatible and supported have already gotten the updates through over-the-air pushes at this point. Non-Nexus devices, however, are a different story entirely. Most OEMs have only listed which devices are going to be getting the update to the software, with general timeframes of when to expect it to hit those devices while some haven’t even given those details. LG on the other hand have taken the first step to ushering their users into the new age, and have just announced that LG G4 devices will be the first to get Android 6.0 marshmallow outside of those on the Nexus list.

Of those who own the LG G4, LG states that Poland will be the very first region to get the software update to Android Marshmallow, with the update starting to roll out sometime next week. LG didn’t mention exact times for when the update will start, so it could be anytime between next Monday and the start of the weekend. Aside from Polish users of the device, LG mentions that users in multiple countries in the Americas, Asia, and Europe are to follow, although LG was more vague with details on timing for the updates to these regions unfortunately.

Despite not giving explicit information dates, it’s possible LG G4 owners in the U.S. could see the update to Marshmallow as early as the end of this month or before the end of next month, while it’s also likely that other regions listed will see the update around the same time. It’s also worth mentioning that LG could have a staggered rollout plan for each country and could push the software to users region by region instead of all at once, which more logical and probable. In terms of what users can expect to see, details here are light but LG does point out a few specifics and key details, including the new changes to permissions within Marshmallow giving users more granular control, Doze Mode to help users save on battery life significantly by shutting down background processes and apps that aren’t in use, as well as options for blocking all sounds coming out of the device or just sounds for notifications and alarms. LG states that details about the Android Marshmallow update regarding schedules are to be announced individually in each market, so in the case of U.S. device users, the carriers themselves will announce the update information.