Letv Arriving To India Soon, New Teasers Available

October 7, 2015 - Written By Kristijan Lucic

Letv is a very popular brand in China, but until April, they weren’t exactly well-known for their smartphones considering they didn’t release any until then. Back in April, Letv has showcased their ‘Le Superphone’ devices, the Le 1, Le 1 Pro and Le Max. These three handsets have been selling really well in China according to the latest numbers, and Letv is definitely planning to make them available in more areas. The company has already confirmed that they intend to release their smartphones in India and the US, and it remains to be seen what else is Letv planning. That being said, Letv has started teasing the company’s arrival in India, read on.

The company has released two teaser images on their official Facebook India page, which you can check out in the gallery down below. Letvs smartphones are coming to India rather soon, but these teasers might point to a TV launch actually considering the latest teaser actually mentions the words ‘TV’. That’s not all though, Letv also plans to sell streaming services in India, which is rather interesting. “Most people in India probably haven’t heard of LeTV yet, but indications are that LeTV would soon build up a presence here to tap into one of the fastest growing markets for smartphones and other smart devices, with plans to start selling its streaming service and devices,” said Letv.

So, Letv has basically confirmed that they’ll enter Indian smartphone market really soon, but we still don’t know when exactly. That will surely happen in the coming weeks though, and it remains to be seen what will Letv launch first. If we had to guess, we’d say that they’ll announce both their Le Superphone smartphone lineup, along with some other products like TVs, but we’ll see. The Letv Le 1, Le 1 Pro and Le Max devices are well-specced handsets, with the latter two being made out of metal. The Le Max is the biggest handset here, this phablet sports a huge 6.3-inch display. There you have it, stay tuned, we’ll report back as soon as more info becomes available.