Latest Google Voice Update Adds International Rates

AH Google Voice 1.0

Google Voice has been sitting on the back burner in terms of updates from Google, but it looks like the application was finally tweaked just a bit. Unfortunately, the update, which brings the app version to v0.4.7.6, seems to be minor right now but it’s nice knowing that Google is still looking at keeping Google Voice a bit more active and reliable for consumers. Interestingly enough, the update seems to be a Google dogfood version that is available for the public just as long as the user makes the necessary application update. Regardless, it appears that Google simply made their Google Voice application run a bit smoother along with adding in some international rates so don’t expect any massive new features or tweaks.

Google Voice first launched all the way back on March 11, 2009, where it offers consumers a voicemail and phone management service. Consumers are able to get a U.S. phone number from a variety of different selected area codes, free of charge to the user. Today we’re finally seeing the Google Voice application receive an update, something the application hasn’t seen in quite a long time. A year has passed since the Google Voice application received an update which added support to the Google Voice integration within Google Hangouts. Now the application seems to have some slight tweaks within the background, likely to add a bit more stability along with the various bug fixes the app might have contained since its previous update. Additionally, a new notification alerts consumers that the application includes international rates when a user places an international call.

As mentioned, it appears that this update is a Google dogfood version which is a term used for when a company, such as Google, internally tests their products. You’ll notice when an application is a dogfood versions by a dog paw or even a times a dog bone icon within the app. We’re interested in seeing if Google has any other big plans for the Google Voice application especially with the upcoming Google Android operating system, Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Nevertheless, we’re sure there are several happy Google Voice users that are currently using the Google Voice app on their smartphones. If you’re interested in grabbing this dogfood version of Voice yourself, you can do so by hitting this link.