JISIWEI S+ Is An Android App Powered Smart Robot On Kickstarter


One of the benefits of crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo is that companies can look to the wider public to help back a project and lower their financial obligations much earlier on. For the consumer, it is the chance to get in early and secure a new product and usually, at a cheaper rate. Not to mention, help to bring something new to the market which otherwise, might not make it. Well, currently there is a new campaign live on Kickstarter by JISIWEI, dubbed the JISIWEI S+.

In short, this is a sort of robotic maid for your house which can do the hoovering and sweep up. That is, as well as the mopping and generally keeping your home tidy. However, that is only part of the JISIWEI S+ functions as it also comes with various security features like a built in camera. Not to mention, the camera can also double as a way for you to take part in family events if you can't be at home at the time.


What makes the JISIWEI S+ most interesting is that it can be controlled remotely from an app. So you can open the app and either watch through the JISIWEI S+ inbuilt camera or command the JISIWEI S+ to do the cleaning. In short, a smart robot which can be controlled from an app anywhere in the world. In fact, we recently checked out a demo version of the system and it works quite well. During testing, we were able to remotely connect to the JISIWEI S+ through the app and it is worth pointing out that the JISIWEI S+ was based in China and we were remotely logging in and controlling it from the U.S.

Once connected, the camera was visible and we could move the JISIWEI S+ anywhere around. Not to mention, we were able to start the vacuuming too. During the testing, the JISIWEI S+ was located on a table and one of the other interesting features is that it comes with an ability to sense edges like the table edge. So during the testing, the JISIWEI S+ would only move around the table and stop itself from going over the edge.

For those interested, the JISIWEI S+ is live as a Kickstarter project now and still has a couple of weeks to run. The app used to control the JISIWEI S+ works on all Android devices. The expected retail for the JISIWEI S+ will be somewhere in the region of $399 although early backers are currently able to sign up for one at the reduced cost of only $249.99. To find out more, visit the Kickstarter page. In the meantime, you can check out a few of the sample images we took from our experience with the app or check out the official promo video below.


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