Jamba Juice Promotes Android Pay With Free Mini Collectibles

October 16, 2015 - Written By Justin Diaz

Google officially launched Android Pay last month and one of the first participating businesses where it was already available to use as a form of payment is Jamba Juice, the popular chain of smoothie outlets which serve anything from everyday and seasonal smoothies to wheatgrass shots. There’s another thing they’re offering up recently though and it isn’t something you can digest, or rather, it’s something you shouldn’t digest; Android Mini collectibles. Yes, those popular collectible little droids from the Dead Zebra shop have made their way into Jamba Juice locations across the country, although it’s unclear which stores actually have them.

Those interested in grabbing one of these, or a few, can head down to a local Jamba Juice store if they have any of these collectibles in stock and all you have to do to get a hold of one is pay for your purchases with Android Pay. It’s a neat little promotion between Jamba Juice and Google to spread the word about Android Pay to the masses, and one that offers up a sweet reward in the process just for using something besides physical cards or cash to buy your items.

Jamba Juice mentioned the start of this promo on their official Google+ page earlier today, noting that consumers can “turn a sad panda into a happy panda” by using Android Pay for the purchase. Those willing to do so can simply ask for the Android Mini collectibles and receive one if that particular location has any left. Although Jamba Juice doesn’t give any specific details about which stores have these figurines, presumably any store which accepts Android Pay will have some to give away, the biggest unknown is how many they have on hand and whether or not you’ve already missed out. If you’re unsure on whether or not the store nearest to you takes Android Pay at checkout, you can click on this link to locate a store and clicking on any of the location markers on the map results will bring up the list details for surrounding stores. If Android Pay is accepted there will be a little Android Pay logo under the details for that location. Happy hunting!