Hulu Looking Forward To Virtual Reality App & Gear VR Launch

AH Hulu 2

Virtual Reality is quickly becoming a much more widely adopted platform. About this time last year, the indications around virtual reality were limited and it did seem unclear how, or even if, it would be welcomed by the consumer public. A year on though and that has significantly changed with the platform seeming to be one which is growing quickly and thoroughly. In fact, it was only a few weeks ago when Samsung announced that they were releasing a next generation version of the Gear VR. While the new version was seeing some improvements, the big headliner feature and selling point was that this was designed to be a widely affordable consumer version, one coming in at only $99 .

This was quickly followed by the news that the new Gear VR would see a bunch of additional content apps becoming available, with the likes of Netflix, Twitch and Hulu all being noted as apps which would be compatible with the new Gear VR. Well, on that note, and specifically in regards to Hulu, it looks like their virtual reality app is prey much good to go. Tim Connolly, Hulu’s head of distribution, was speaking today at the New York Media festival and confirmed that the Hulu 3D app will be ready to launch once the consumer version of the Gear VR hits the stores. In fact, according to Connolly, virtual reality is a concept Hulu sees real value in going forward. During the same interview, Connolly noted that Hulu is looking in to the possibility of commissioning made for virtual reality shows. That is, shows which will not come with a 2D alternate experience. Further adding, that making such content would be a “smart bet” in positioning the company at the forefront of innovation. Of course, no specifics were provided as to which shows or what type of content they are considering, nor any indications as to when any sort of content could be expected.

In terms of the Gear VR, the device which is priced at only $99 is expected to go on sale sometime next month. Although firm shipping dates were not provided at the time of launch, Samsung did make it clear that Black Friday was the end goal to have the device on the market and able to be purchased.