Huawei Registers ‘MateBook’ Trademark; Laptop In Sight?

October 15, 2015 - Written By Kristijan Lucic

Huawei has released quite a few smartphones this year. The company has announced their P8 line of devices back in April, and that announcement was followed by the release of Honor 7 and Honor 7i smartphones. During iFA in Berlin last month, Huawei has unveiled their Mate S smartphone, and has released the Android Wear-powered smartwatch which was originally showcased back in January during CES in Las Vegas. This China-based smartphone OEM is currently the third-placed smartphone OEM in the world, and it will be interesting to see what else Huawei has up their sleeve.

Speaking of which, it seems like Huawei is preparing to launch a laptop. That might sound odd, but the company has recently registered a new ‘MateBook’ trademark. This name alone suggests we’re looking at a laptop, but unfortunately we still don’t have any specific info when it comes to this product. Now, Huawei’s timing is quite interesting considering Xiaomi has been rumored to be working on a laptop for quite some time, and Inventec recently confirmed the rumor. The question remains, which operating system will the alleged Huawei-branded laptop run? That’s a real mystery right there. It’s possible that Huawei intends to release something like the Pixel C which has been announced recently, and pre-load Android on it. That’s not a laptop though, but a tablet-laptop hybrid. On the other hand, perhaps Huawei plans to enter the PC world and introduce a Windows-powered machine? We’ll hopefully get more info about this in the coming weeks, but this is interesting, that’s for sure.

As far as Xiaomi goes, we still don’t know which OS will that device run either, but we do know that it will arrive soon. According to Inventec, Xiaomi’s partner on this project, the Xiaomi-branded laptop will launch in early 2016. Huawei will, hopefully, release their MateBook device soon as well. It will be interesting to see both Xiaomi and Huawei join the Chrome OS or Windows world, but we won’t rush with assumptions, let’s wait a bit and see what are these two companies planning. Stay tuned for more info, we’ll report back as soon as something pops up.