HTC To Unveil "Ecosystem" Of Fitness Products Early Next Year

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While many of today’s top smartphone manufacturers have gotten into developing and producing smartwatches, including Sony, Samsung, LG, Motorola, and Huawei, one brand in particular, HTC, has yet to grace the world of wearables with a smartwatch. They are however working on a fitness tracker in partnership with Under Armour that was expected to see a launch sometime by the end of this year, called the HTC Grip. Unfortunately, anyone who may have been interested in grabbing one soon will have to wait a little longer as the latest details suggest HTC and Under Amour won’t be releasing their fitness tracker to the public until sometime in 2016.

This wasn’t the first time this device has seen a delay as it was reportedly pushed back to the end of this year from what was supposed to be an earlier launch, that plan however, fell though and so far there has been no device. In addition to the new delay, HTC has stated that they and Under Armour will be launching not just one product, but an entire digital ecosystem of products which are focused on providing consumers with fitness related capabilities. HTC doesn’t give specific details on devices like names, features or price points, or even a more exact launch date, but they did mention that the public would see things early next year, so it’s possible HTC could release something within the first quarter.

There were also no specific mentions of the Grip, so it’s possible HTC has either renamed the device or is no longer developing the Grip and has moved on to a completely new product entirely to replace it. In regards to features or functionality, all HTC has mentioned is that what they’re working on will assist athletes and active individuals “track, manage, and improve their health and fitness.” This means that at least one product in this new ecosystem of devices will probably track things like steps, calories burned, distance, sleep, and other fitness related activities you can find in other trackers. In addition, HTC says they’re excited to share what they’ve created with the public sometime soon, so perhaps they’ll unveil something before the end of this year and before things officially launch and are available for purchase.