HTC One M8 Android 6.0 Update Certified by Bluetooth SIG


HTC has its hands full with hardware and firmware this fall. The Android 6.0 update race has already begun, and so far the only HTC-made device that is guaranteed to have Marshmallow at this point is the Nexus 9, whose updates HTC doesn't really control.  But, with the launch of the Marshmallow-clad One A9, as well as the promise of updating this year's One M9, the folks with last year's One M8 might be feeling eager or even worried. No fear One M8 owners, your update has now seen Bluetooth's approval.

Yes, Bluetooth certification is hardly an 'update is coming now' signal, but it means that there is less to slow the update down.  Especially given that, if you check the source, the update was submitted on the 22nd of September, and got its certification on the 28th of October.  HTC has previously confirmed that they will be working to bring the latest version of Android to various One-branded handsets, as well as a few of the Desire line, beginning at the end of 2015's calendar year.  But the 'end of 2015' can be anywhere between November and the first week or so of January, given enough carrier delay.


The good news is that the update has been officially certified by Bluetooth SIG, and that means that only the Wi-Fi Alliance has to certify it, then the serious countdown to roll out can begin.  Some of the more desired features of Marshmallow will help out the aging One M8 greatly, so it's definitely an update to look forward to.  The One M8's battery life has been a point of contention since its launch in 2014, and the Doze capabilities of Marshmallow will let the device go into a deep sleep mode to conserve battery power, while being ready to go with more juice when you pick it up. Another aspect of Marshmallow that many have been waiting for is the granular permission system, where a user isn't asked to grant all the permissions of an app upon install, and instead will be asked to allow use of a specific part of the device upon activating a feature that requires said access.  With Marshmallow's growth looking to spike in the coming few months, it'll be interesting to see how the carrier system of the U.S. hampers the schedule HTC has laid out.

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