How hot is the Snapdragon 810 in the Nexus 6P?

Nexus 6p AH 05

This year, it seems like everyone's worried about how hot a phone gets when using it, and benchmarking it, etc. Which is a bit understandable, seeing as the Snapdragon 810 does get pretty hot when playing games and such. And sometimes when just browsing the web. Phones that are made of metal, like the HTC One M9 and the Google Nexus 6P, get even hotter with the Snapdragon 810, because well it's an aluminum smartphone. But just how hot does the Nexus 6P get? Our friends over at Android Central took it to the test and found out, it's actually quite cool.

Using a Flir infrared camera, they tested the heat of the Nexus 6P in a few instances. They said, in their 76-degree office, the Nexus 6P in its Doze cycle was around 82-degrees Fahrenheit. After using the phone for ten minutes, which included 5 minutes of gameplay, the Nexus 6P jumped up to around 99.2-degrees. When they started running benchmarks and such on the Nexus 6P, it jumped up to over 100-degrees, however it never got higher than 104.5-degrees. That sounds pretty hot right? That's actually really cool. Android Central states that in the same test, the Galaxy S6 Edge with its Exynos processor rose up to around 120-degrees. So in short, the Nexus 6P does get warm, but no warmer than any other smartphone these days (whether it's a Snapdragon 810 or not). So there's nothing to worry about here.


You'll notice in the images, that most of the heat seems to appear around the camera and fingerprint sensor on the Nexus 6P. And that's likely because of where everything is, including the processor (iFixit hasn't done a teardown of the Nexus 6P just yet, so we don't know for sure), and that would be quite understandable.

So if you're in the market for a new smartphone, and were looking at the Nexus 6P, well rest assured that it doesn't overheat and it doesn't get unbearably hot. That's definitely a good thing. Although many of us won't be running benchmarks everyday on our phone anyways. So we should stay under the 100-degree mark most days.

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