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Since the introduction of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, Google launched Google Now as the personal assistant built right into the OS. It had all the power of Google Search, plus it could control some of the phone's functions using natural voice commands. A long time has passed since its introduction and it is now available in the majority of Android devices and even those running iOS, as it is part of the Google App. The famous card interface has extended to additional products and it provides information based on the websites that users visit frequently. Also, some third-party applications are now integrated into the app, so users can see some cards or get notifications from them.

Users can get relevant information based on their location, such as weather or traffic, they can set reminders with alarms at a given time, they also get lists of events or new trendy restaurants and even their parking location. The "OK Google" voice command that triggers the app can be activated within the app and more recently it can be triggered from any screen. In case an app is not integrated it will redirect to the appropriate settings or a Google search for a related term. Google unveiled their new logo at the beginning of last month, so the app got updated to match that colorful new look.

Now, Google has released three videos showing the many ways this app can be used and it even includes some animations that can be seen on the app. The first one is Halloween-themed and it shows that the app can be used to play some scary music, give the closing time of a very particular store complemented by a card showing the fa§ade and the location, provide some details about the user's schedule, make a search about how to make fake blood and even answers that it's never too old to trick or treat. The second video is titled Breakfast, the app translates the word "breakfast" in Korean and even gets to say it out loud, expiration dates from and nutritional information from some items can also be known, it can be used to set timers and find restaurants that serve specific meals nearby as well as answering some questions. The third one has to do with Moving, so the app can show some companies within a certain distance range, some directions and the status of a certain order that's about to ship. Users can also set their new Home address and even text some contacts. So if you don't use it as much, give it a try with all of these different uses.


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